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Spring Hill Farm's training program concentrates on teaching our mules, manners patience and respect; and this creates a mule that exhibits the following traits;


•                Easy to catch.

•                Stand quietly.

•                Respect the space of the Human.

•                Welcomes grooming and cliping.

•                Allow contact and handling of their ears.

•                Ability to pick up and handle all four feet.

•                Lowers their Head to make bridling easy.

•                Standstill for saddling and mounting.


All of the above are simple things that are sometimes overlooked or rushed and can later make for an unhappy mule owner.


We expose our mules to everything we can think of, (large balls, noisy tarp’s plastic jugs, mail boxes), they are so smart and learn so quickly that we find it necessary to constantly change their training lessons.


We ride our mules with a snaffle, and move them up to a curb as they become more seasoned. This allows our mules to go anyway their new owner wants them to. However our finished saddle mules will do just as well in a snaffle, it's not the type of bit, but the training, that creates a partner willing to go the direction you want to go.


Our mules have "gait" bred into them. Just like gaited horses some are more natural than others. We concentrate on transitions early in the training process, consistency is the key.


We offer free with the purchase of our mules, hands on guidance for the new owner. Just like humans, all mules are individuals it is very important for our trainers to show the new owners each mules training status. Our goal is for new owner to understand and know their new paterners, down to where they like to be scratched. 

Welome to Spring Hill Farm, come see our mules, we can find a mule that is right for you.